Pinball is actually cool again. Pinball is making a huge comeback in bars, barcades, home game rooms and corporate break rooms. Pinball is wild and you will never have the same game twice and that is what makes playing pinball so much fun! Pinball as a hobby is also growing among young  adults who or 25 to 40 years of age, because they are now established, have a home and have a successful career.

Pinball Machines at The Pinball Company

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Used Pinball Machines

KISS Pro Pinball Machine by Stern


Used Pinball Machines

Iron Man Pinball Machine by Stern



History of Pinball

Modern Pinball has only been around for the last century or so, but the origins of pinball go back to the original creation of games!  

Pinball is basically a game where you have a ball and try to hit targets. In this way, the beginnings of pinball can be seen linked to games like Croquet, Golf or even horseshoes.

It wasn’t until the invention of springs that something like the modern day pinball table was created. The introduction of coin operation allowed early pinball machines to become monetized, but the biggest leap forward in pinball came from adding electricity, flipper bats and lights.

With the ability to add electric switches and pop bumpers, the game became even more interesting and wild.  During World War II, the pinball industry suffered drastically. Like other manufacturers, the pinball companies in the Chicago area had to assist in the war effort. Manufacturers couldn’t use copper as it was being used overseas.

Many manufacturers tried to refurbish older machines or otherwise stay relevant and by the end of WWII, only 10% of pinball manufacturers had weathered the storm. The gold lining? Those who remained saw a resurgence in pinball manufacturing as the war ended and people wanted to get back to playing pinball.

Flipper bats were then introduced to pinball machines to help keep the ball stay in play longer. Manufacturers were always on the lookout for how to make the game more interesting or innovative.  Pinball machines where once considered illegal because it was deemed a “game of chance” Many companies added flippers to control the ball, to aim their shot and turn pinball into a game of skill.  

Since its humble beginnings, pinball has been on the up-and-up. Pinball continued to grow and change in a market, and forced companies to innovate and become competitive. Companies came and went, were sold or just closed down, but here’s a  list of the most influential pinball manufactures from the early days of pinball.

Pinball Manufacturers of the Past


Bally is one of the original names in pinball. Bally began making pinball machines in 1932, when its parent company Lion Manufacturing established a pinball division. Bally worked to improve upon all coin operated devices until it’s founder passed away in 1958. Bally was then bought by investors in 1963. Bally continued working on pinball machines, coin operated machines, including slot machines and at one point had about 90% of the coin operated market worldwide. Bally also acquired many other companies, including Midway Games. As Bally made acquisitions, namely in the amusement and casino markets, they soon found themselves low on funds and their pinball division was sold to Williams in 1988.


Williams started as a manufacturer of pinball machines in 1943. They were able to acquire and modify existing pinball games. Their first all original machine was created in 1946. While they produced both pinball and arcade games, it was not until 1977 that they produced their first solid state game. In 1992, Williams produced the most popular pinball machine of all time, The Addams Family pinball machine. While they continued to produce games, it was the introduction of Pinball 2000 that ultimately made Williams pull out of the pinball market.

Data East

Data East was a Japanese company that originally manufactured video games. They started an American headquarters and in 1987 produced its first pinball machine. Their pinball machines were some of the first to include stereo sound and large dot matrix displays. Data East chose to forgo many unlicensed titles and worked with big names licenses to develop some really cool pinball machines based on tv shows, movies and rock n roll bands. While this lead to popular games, it also lead to very small profits. Some of their popular titles include: Guns N Roses, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and The Simpsons.

Data East entered the pinball market by buying the pinball division of Stern Electronics and they exited by selling their pinball division to Sega in 1994.

Stern Pinball

Stern Electronics was formed when the Stern family bought Chicago Coin in 1977. Stern Electronics focused on video games when they became popular in the 80s, but soon found themselves exiting the amusement industry. With the downturn of the pinball industry in the late 90s, many companies were looking to get out of pinball completely. This allowed Gary Stern to purchase many of the companies who were left. In 1999, Gary founded what is present day Stern Pinball.


Gottlieb was established in 1927 and produced pinball machines eventually expanding into pitch-and-bat and bowling games. Gottlieb was also the manufacturer who held on to electromechanical games for longest. They made many great pinball machines, but always seemed to lag just behind its competition. In 1996, their pinball division was sold off due to decreased popularity of pinball.